Criteria of Manuscripts for JURNAL MASYARAKAT MARITIM :

The guides for writing can be accessed Here

1. Manuscript must provide empirical research, whether quantitative or qualitative methods.

2. Manuscript must contain novelty or advancement of knowledge, both in theoretical terms and / pragmatic solutions to problems in Indonesia.

3. Replication studies are permitted while still providing a strong rationale and justification/ presenting elements of novelty (such as novelty in participants, years, or places).

4. Research may be conducted individually or in group, and may also conducted by non-academic researchers.

5. Research is written by the authors must not contain plagiarism.

6. The author(s)is responsible for the content and the entire body of the texts(except the layout).

7. Manuscript must exhibit systematic thinking and coherence of writings in all of its sections:the beginning (background) to conclusions. Every sentence is not a mere opinion or an assumption without logical foundations, rationales, reference to previous works, or other valid reference.

9. Manuscripts must never be published previously in other journals or proceedings, both nationally and internationally.

10. Manuscripts originating from the thesis / dissertation must be amended accordingly to the guidelines of JMM writing