Perdebatan Mengenai Hubungan Antara Agama dan Negara; Mengatasi Konflik Beragama Dalam Negara Berdasarkan Pemikiran Islam

  • Adji Suradji Muhammad FISIP UMRAH
Keywords: Relationship, state and religion


Debating or discourse between state and religion will always interesting to be discussed considering
each has a different footing. The state is a human concept while religion concept that comes from God.
In any religion, including Islam, explicitly there is no necessity to form a state in the sense that as a
Western concept. After all this, religion does not forbid people to do ijtihat or attempt to establish the
State to protect the rights of individuals formally and meet the needs of its people. Pluralism or
diversity that exist in the State of Indonesia both of ethnicity, language, religion and race has been a
challenge to find the ideal pattern of relationship between state and church. Departing from the above
mentioned conditions then formulated the problem, how the pattern of an ideal relationship between
religion and state efforts to what can be done to minimize potential conflicts arising from the
relationship between the state with religion. From the discussion that has been done, then we conclude
that pluralism is sunatullah so that humans could not meniadakanya. Therefore, the tolerance between
groups into the keyword or keywords for mutual understanding and mutual understanding between the
groups. If there is a difference between one group against another, it is expected that a dialogical
communication can be done so that the differences become more enrich in creating order and harmony
between groups.