Hak Asasi Manusia dalam Perspektif Hukum Islam

  • Adji Suradji Muhammad FISIP UMRAH
Keywords: Human Right, Islam


Islam is the doctrine that governs all human life is a beautiful early rapid. One of the issues currently
being faced by Islam is associated with Azaz human rights (human rights). United Nations Charter on
Human Rights has recommended to promote and fight for human rights and freedom for all human beings,
without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion. Human rights (Human Rights) is a concept
of modern political ethics with the idea of appreciation and respect for basic human and humanity.
Islam is not contradicting the values of human rights, but there needs to be synchronization values are
acceptable by Islam and which are unacceptable to Islam. Freedom of the freest in the association of opposition
from Islam. So it is related to the kind of relationship both by men and by women. Therefore,
the existing values in the concept of human rights is sejelan with Islamic values such as freedom to worship
according to their beliefs. Synchronization of the values championed by the pro-human rights with
Islamic values should be done so that there is no longer conflict between fighters Ham with adherents of