Jiwa Kewirausahaan di Sektor Publik (Studi Kasus Kepemimpinan Walikota Tanjungpinang 2013-2014)

  • Pozlita Pozlita
  • Adji Suradji Muhammad
  • Wayu Eko Yudiatmaja
Keywords: entrepreneurial, bureaucratic


Bureaucracy Entrepreneurial in public is a requirement that is proven to have a positive impact in the
leadership of Local Government for the welfare of the community by performing a variety of innovations
in order to survive and excel in competition in the era of regional autonomy. Tanjungpinang city is one
of the city located in the province of Riau islands which would require the soul of a local chief who has
the spirit of change. figure of a Tanjungpinang Mayor 2013-2014 who considers that existing
employees are an asset in progress Tanjungpinang by noting that both retaining profitable assets. The
purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the practice of application of the entrepreneurial spirit in
the leadership of Mayor Tanjungpinang 2013-2014. based on the exposure raises the issue of how the
author seeks an entrepreneurial spirit that made by Mayor Tanjungpinang 2013-2014 as the latest
breakthroughs that are creative and innovative to developed Tanjungpinang superior and able to
compete with other cities. Informants in this study were derived from the government and community
leaders, the sampling technique used is purposive sampling technique that consists of 4 people
informant. The research method used was a qualitative research case study is a research approach that
does not try to look for relationships between variables as adopted by flow positivistic (quantitative), but
rather to find meaning (symbols) with the natural way or with the testing procedure in detail against
the background or a person subject or the storage area of the document or a particular event. Research is
already In the spirit of entrepreneurship to transform the public sector, that figure entrepreneurial spirit
and character Tanjungpinang Mayor from 2013 to 2014 based on the self and perform a variety of
sharing with anyone related to the advancement of Tanjungpinang and there entrepreneurial spirit
adopted by the leadership of Mayor Tanjungpinang 2013-2014. But still need improvement within the
reform-promoting Tanjungpinang