Peer Review Process

Articles submitted to the Jurnal Kiprah will go through the following process:

  • The editor receives the manuscript from the author.
  • The editor evaluates the manuscript (what is evaluated is the research objective and scope of the journal, cover style, additional data. (The manuscript will be rejected if it does not meet the criteria)
  • Selection from the editor for similarity checks on online databases, (Rejected if major plagiarism is found, the author will be contacted and asked for clarification if errors or minor plagiarism are found)
  • The review process is carried out by 2 (two) external reviewers who are experts in their fields in terms of focus and scope
  • Each article is reviewed using a double blind review technique (author's name is kept confidential, reviewer's name is not included)
  • Reviewers send the review form back to the Editor (with a revised manuscript if necessary) Editor's decision (more or less it can be rejected, requires major revisions, requires minor revisions, or accepted)
  • The author will be informed via email during the submission, review, revision, resubmit, and production process