Contribution Fees

The author of the Jurnal Kiprah article is not charged an article submission fee.

Authors who pass publication are exempt from article processing fees (editing, reviewing, publishing)/Free Article Processing Charges (APCs). However, to improve the quality of electronic journal management and the quality of articles published through Jurnal Kiprah, starting in 2022, the author is charged a contribution fee of Rp. 250,000,-. These costs include

  • The cost of printing one copy of the journal, packaging, and the cost of shipping services
  • Processing of articles with a standard number of 12 pages. Each additional page will incur an additional fee of Rp. 100.000- per page
  • The service of article similarity using the Turnitin application by the editor
  • The service of internal copyediting by the editor of the Jurnal Kiprah
  • The service of article DOI setting and activation
  • The service of PDF galley processing of articles for open access by authors and visitors of Jurnal Kiprah
  • Security and permanent archiving services
  • The cost that is spent to conduct the double-blind review for the articles.

Before the article that has passed the publication is processed at the production stage, the editor of the Jurnal Kiprah will send a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and Invoice to the author for processing to continue the next publication stage.