Reviewer's Home

Reviewer's Home

Reviewers play an important role in publishing scientific articles. Scientists and authors rely on peers to validate research, engage other specialists in support of submitted work, and increase networking possibilities within a particular specialist community, in this case, the Field of Educational Sciences.

Although the peer-review process has come under criticism in recent years, it remains the only widely accepted method for validating research and a cornerstone of the scientific publishing process. Jurnal Kiprah, like most scientific journals, relies on an effective peer review process to maintain not only the quality and validity of individual articles but also the integrity of the journal as a whole.

How do you become a Reviewer for the Jurnal Kiprah?

Several criteria that the Jurnal Kiprah requires from prospective reviewers

  1. Can come from domestic and foreign affiliates/institutions.
  2. literary studies and research in the field of education
  3. Have international qualifications which are indicated by ownership of at least one article in the last three years published in a reputable international journal (indexed by Scopus, WoS) or have been a writer with the most participation in at least three articles in scientific publications of international reputation
  4. Is the national qualification indicated by the possession of several papers published in accredited national scientific journals in the last three years
  5. Have Scopus and GS ID
  6. Have a sufficient number of article citations
  7. Have conducted peer reviews in several other journals
  8. Preferably those who are part of the journal editorial board

To become a reviewer for Jurnal Kiprah, if you have met the requirements above, simply download the Reviewer Submission form, complete it and send it to the Chief Editor of Jurnal Kiprah via email You will be notified of the results of your application within two weeks of your submission.

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Registration Form of Reviewer Jurnal Kiprah

Include a CV in the submission via email to the Editor-in-Chief



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