Pengaruh Kemampuan Kerja terhadap Efektivitas Organisasi pada Dinas Kebudayaan Provinsi Kepulauan Riau

  • Dewi Utami Pertiwi
  • Edy Akhyari
  • Wayu Eko Yudiatmaja
Keywords: Workability, organization effectiveness


Workability is skills or skills to do a job that is only gained from practice. Effectiveness is a business
outreach program as a system with limited resources and means to meet the goals and targets without
crippling it means and resources, and without putting undue pressure on the implementation. Two aspects
will be explored in this study takes place in Riau Islands Province Cultural Office by measuring
the effect on the effectiveness of the organization's ability to work with a quantitative approach that is
associative. The conclusion from this study is that there is 36.6% with product moment correlation calculation,
there is no significant influence between the workability and effectiveness of the organization
Cultural Office Riau Islands Province. and test results of determination coefficient of 13.4% with the
provisions of SPSS version 17, which means that there is a significant and positive effect among variables
workability to variable organizational effectiveness. Riau Islands Province Cultural Department,
while the remaining 86.6% influenced by other variables not examined.