Pengembangan Organisasi pada Sistem Administrasi Manunggal Satu Atap (SAMSAT) Provinsi Kepulauan Riau

  • Irfan Maulana


Research development organization SAMSAT Riau Islands Province alignment within the organization
is measured by using a model of congruence of Nadler - Tushman. From this model gained four
dimensions, namely, input, output, process transformation and congruence. With four dimensions in
this model explains 27buah indikators that can be measured to see the process of organizational development
SAMSAT Riau Islands Province. Indikator is obtained through questionnaires in the field
which is then processed using a simple interval class. Having analyzed the overall indikator didapatkanlah
final interval value which is equal to 4.17. The results of this statistical analysis melmiliki
SAMSAT meaning that development organizations are categorized either because the process inputs
(input), the output (output), a process that occurs within the organization tarnsformasi occur in harmony
or balance which leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness of the organization SAMSAT, besides
that it can improve progress of the organization to make it more alive. With the development of
both the organization acquired symptoms - symptoms that are found at the beginning of the study can
be addressed by the organization SAMSAT. So for the future is expected to SAMSAT organization can
improve its organizational development, so as to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in the organization
as expected.