Strategi Pemberdayaan Perempuan di Desa Panggak Darat Kecamatan Lingga Kabupaten Lingga

  • Nur Hidayah
  • Wahyu Pangestoeti
  • Dian Prima Safitri
Keywords: Strategy, Empowerment, Women Empowerment, and Women Empowerment Strategies.


Program Pemberdayaan Perempuan (Women Empowerment Program) in Panggak Darat Village is one
of the women empowerment program organized by the local government through Badan Pemberdayaan
Perempuan, Perlindungan Anak, dan Keluarga Berencana (BP3AKB) Lingga regency to empower
women to be more empowered, by providing direct grants to the village which wa s then submitted to
training group women empowerment. With this program are expected to be more independent women.
The Program is training activities such as weaving and sewing. The problem raised are (1) How
Women Empowerment in Panggak Darat Village of Lingga District, (2) What strategy is used in the
empowerment of women, (3) What are the enabling and inhibiting factors in the empowerment of
women. This research aims to determine the strategy of empowerment of women in Panggak Darat
Village through weaving and sewing training, as well as to determine the significance of this training.
This study used a qualitative research approach, the type of research is descriptive. Subjects were head
of women empowerment, training members, and the community including the village chief and
chairman of the Trustees of Family Welfare. The data collection used were observation, interviews, and
documentation. The fact in the location that women empowerment focuses was the Resource-Based
View (RBV), which focuses on human resources and natural resources in a region. While the strategy of
using cedar mezzo-based strategies, namely strategies undertaken over several groups, such as weaving
and sewing training groups, each group consisting of two groups of training. In weaving training, after
some of the group members follow the development of creativity training, members of the group formed
two groups worked together to weave and between groups. As for sewing training, conducted by
presenting a coach to teach you about how to sew a good clothes. The benefits obtained after training is
empowering members acquire knowledge and skills that can then be developed to open their own
business and can fulfill necesstityt.