Focus and Scope

Marinade is a journal for high-quality articles in all branches of maritime postharvest industries and development, encompass: fish handling and processing, fisheries product of biotechnology, and quality of maritime postharvest industrial. This aim of marinade is to provide meaningful development in maritime postharvest industries.


Fish Handling and Processing

Interrelationship between fish handling and deterioration

Physicochemical properties from maritime resources

Preservation and formulation fisheries product

Dairy intake from fisheries product

Microencapsulation technology for fisheries product


Fisheries Product of Biotechnology

Bioactive compound from maritime resources

Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical from maritime postharvest

Biomolecular of fisheries product

Peptides and polysaccharides product from maritime postharvest

Biotoxicology from maritime postharvest


Quality of Maritime Postharvest Industrial

Optimization process of fisheries product technology

Food safety and food security from maritime industrial

Supply chain management in maritime industrial

Transportation, logistics, package, and storage maritime industrial

Zero waste production and treatment from maritime industrial