Vol. 1 No. 2 (2020): October


Volume 1 - 2nd Edition Journal of Innovation and Technology (JIT) consist of 6 original articles from various Engineering fields, they are including: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information and Technology, Urban Planning, and other interdisciplinary engineering research.

JIT invites lecturer, post graduate students, scientist, researchers and industrial pactions to submit their recent funding and results in the field of engineering, technology application and research innovations. The topics are including, but not limited to: Mechanical and Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Computer and Information Technology, Electrical and Telecommunication, Materials and Mining, Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning, Geophysical Science and Engineering, Physics Science and Engineering, Mathematics and Applied Sciences, Medical Science and Biomedical Engineering, Food Science and Agricultural Engineering, Science Innovation and Interdisciplinary Engineering research.

JIT published by Engineering Forum of Western Indonesian Government Universities Board (Forum Teknik, BKSPTN Wilayah Barat) Indonesia. Highlighting on the current growth in the field of engineering and innovation technology field. JIT committed to contribute for our academic and research competitiveness and sustainable development. On behalf of Editorial Boards, we would like to thanks all authors, reviewers, and contributors for their continuous supports. We are looking forward to receive more articles in the next following issues.

Best regards,

JIT Editorial Team

Published: 2020-10-30