• Sumartin Sumartin BPPP Banyuwangi
Keywords: efficiency, economy, technical, frontier, price,Pangasius pangasius


This study aims to analyze the economic, technical and price efficiency of fish culture  alumni at BPPP Banyuwangi. Data analysis using Cobb Douglas stochastic frontier production function was estimated by Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method . To find out technical efficiency estimated with Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) with frontier computation version 4.1 developed by Coelli (1996). Price efficiency is known by calculating the marginal product value (MPV) of the production factor. Results of research in Resort. Banjar Provincy. Kalimantan Selatan, it is known that five factors of production in rational area, but not yet efficient, are Lime (X3) 4,281, Seed (X4) 0,377, Feed (X5) 3,093, probiotic (X6) 5,210 and Labor (X7). 0.493. Pond area (X1) -0.445 and Fertilizer (X2) -5.20. The result of estimation using MLE, generated production factors with positive coefficient ie Pond area (X1), Pry (X4), and Feed (X5). Fertilizer (X2), Lime (X3), probiotics (X6) and Labor (X7) have negative coefficient, experience (Z1), age (Z2) and formal education (Z3) respectively coefficient 0.3200385; 0.2602872 and -0.0571254, so there are technical inefficiencies in this model. Price efficiency obtained MPV negative production factor that is the area of ​​pond (X1) -0.0543 and Fertilizer (X2) -0.2887, Lime (X3)>1 (9,0545), while Pry (X4), Feed (X5), Probiotic (X6) and Labor (X7), value <1, respectively (0.0004; 0,0064; 0,0736 and 0,0001). The seven factors of production none reach the optimum. The average value of efficiency of price>1 is 8,792 and economic efficiency 68,657. Overall price efficiency achieved 106.3980 and economic efficiency of 196.9427.

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Sumartin, S. (2018). ANALISIS EFISIENSI FAKTOR-FAKTOR PRODUKSI USAHA BUDIDAYA IKAN PATIN (Pangisius pangasius). Intek Akuakultur, 2(1), 16-34.