Analisa Crack Impeller pada Fan Motor Assy


  • Rino Harco Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Wastukancana Purwakarta



Crack, Impeller, Pressing


Fan motors assy in the air conditioning system of the vehicle are one component that works to blow air into the vehicle room, and also serves to increase the air pressure volume that will be flowed in the vehicle room. In the assembly process of the motor motor assy the XXX model is by using a pressing method to combine the motor blower with the impeller, in the impeller pressing process, the reject product occurs which is crack in the impeller hole during the pressing process. This happens because the dimensions of the impeller are not standard, namely the dimensions of the hole in the impeller has experienced a shift deviation of 0.15 mm from the standard tolerance ┴ 0.1 mm. At 0.15 mm shift deviation, it is found that the slope of 1° has the potential to crack in the impeller hole during the pressing process, because the material on the impeller PPGF-20, is unable to withstand the twisting force of 1.388 KN when pressing process.


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