Analisa Penurunan Kemampuan Sistem Hidrolik Pada Forklift FD 30


  • Domi Pordawan Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Wastukancana Purwakarta



Forklift, Lift Cylinder, Gear Pump


The problem solving that occurs in this forklift starts from the analysis of the ability of the forklift to lift weights. The weight of the load is 3600kg. Then the writer calculates the lift force on the hydraulic(FH) the results obtained for the calculation are 35.28kN. Then the writer calculate force of cylinder base on the data specificaion of cylinder. The result for F2 = 60.03kN. After the calculation is complete and concluded that theoretically the forklift should be able to lift the load. Then writer make a calculate to get the power of hydraulic pump issued. The condition of forklift not yet liftting the weight the power of hydraulic pump issued is 17.06kW, while the power of hydraulic pump normaly issued is 22,08kW. Conclusion the power issued of hydraulic pump reduce amount 5,02kW so need more analyze the parts that affect the ability to lift the forklift, namely: lift cylinder and gear pump which is the part that most influences the lift strength of the forklift. As a result the author found several problems in these parts. The problem is the condition of several parts that are not in accordance with the standard. Then the author replaces the part and performs hydraulic strength testing. After mprovement the condition of forklift FD 30 has returned to normal condition. The result of measuring the hydraulic pressure on the lift cylinder is 185 bar (standard 181 bar) at 3000 rpm.



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