Sistem Deteksi Wajah Pada Kamera Realtime dengan menggunakan Metode Viola Jones


  • Rizka Eka Putri university
  • Tekad Matulatan Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji
  • Nurul Hayaty Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji



face detection, viola jones, cascades classifier, adaboost


In general, human are given the mind and mind to be able to determine or be able to didtinguish individuals who appear either human, animal, plant, and other objects that are known or unknown. And it is possible for human to recognize these object from their sight and from their brain memory. Especially on the human face, human can recognize whether the object is human or not human, and can recognize the object very well through his own eyes.face detection system in human becomes very important in the development of science of digital image processing. The research has been done with many advantages and disadvantages. From a face many information features that can be read, such as eyes, nose, and mouth. The detection system uses Viola Jones method as an object detection method. The Viola Jones method is known to have considerable Speed and accuracy as it combines several concepts (Haar feature, Integral image, Adaboost, Cascade classifier) into a main method for detecting objects.Based on tests conducted on face identification under conditions that may affect face detection results, the results show an accuracy of 67,6 % to detect the face.


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R. E. Putri, T. Matulatan, and N. Hayaty, “Sistem Deteksi Wajah Pada Kamera Realtime dengan menggunakan Metode Viola Jones”, sustainable, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 30–37, May 2019.