Bahtera Inovasi <p><strong>p-ISSN&nbsp; 2613-9243 : e -ISSN 2747-0067</strong></p> <p>Jurnal Bahtera Inovasi diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji, frekuensi terbit secara berkala dua kali dalam satu tahun dengan tujuan untuk menyebarluaskan informasi hasil penelitian bidang inovasi manajemen kepada akademisi, praktisi, mahasiswa dan pihak berkepentingan yang tertarik pada penelitian inovasi manajemen.</p> <p>Lingkup penelitian yang dimuat dalam Jurnal Bahtera Inovasi meliputi artikel hasil riset, telaah kritis, dan kajian literatur dalam bidang ilmu manajemen dengan penekanan pada inovasi pada praktik manajemen.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Program Studi Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomi UMRAH en-US Bahtera Inovasi 2613-9243 Pengembangan Corporate Identity dari PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia sebagai Media Promosi untuk Publik <p><strong><em>ABSTRACT </em></strong><em>: The logo is one of the media rather than the identity of the company, so the logo can be a feature to distinguish the characteristics of the company from one another. Corporate Identity is a sign of identity of the company as a differentiating medium with other companies. Corporate Identity design is able to represent the character and corporate identity which is applied in the form of logos, merchandise and other promotional media. PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia is a company engaged in telecommunications. PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia is tasked with serving all businesses in the telecommunications sector such as WIFI, telephone and internet services that will be used by customers. Targets from PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia is all Indonesian people and companies that need fast internet service. There are shortcomings in the logo of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia in the form of images of waving hands and fists continued with the name Telekomunikasi Indonesia. Many take into account that the promotion for the logo of PT. Telecommunications Indonesia is still not exposed as a promotion, so that to overcome this, the author makes a Corporate Identity design for PT. Indonesian Telecommunications. This design procedure uses the Design Thinking method, this procedure carries out several stages, namely Emphatize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Testing. The results of this design, in the form of a comparison of the old logo and the new logo for PT. Indonesian Telecommunications. The logo will be applied to several promotional media such as brochures, banners, and X-Banners.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: Design Thinking, Promotional Media, Design, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Corporate Identity.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Tradiga Nur Aziz Aziz R. Anang Muftiadi Iwan Sukoco Copyright (c) 2022 Bahtera Inovasi 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 2 66 73 10.31629/bi.v5i2.3785 Inovasi Badan Layanan Umum (BLU) dalam Meningkatkan Pendapatan di Masa Pandemi COVID-19 <p>The COVID-19 pandemic has had a fairly severe impact on entities providing services to the community, including the Public Service Agency or Badan Layanan Umum (BLU). This study aims to describe the various innovations carried out by the Public Service Agency (BLU) to improve services and optimize Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP). The research was conducted with a qualitative approach with data collection using literature studies and document analysis. The results of the study indicate that the innovations carried out by the BLU include (a) increasing the optimization of assets managed by the BLU; (b) implementation of the strategy for digitizing business processes and BLU services; (c) increasing the synergy of BLU services; and (d) cutting costs and tariffs for BLU services. This innovation is carried out in order to continue to provide the best service while still trying to achieve efficiency and productivity, even in the unfavorable conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.</p> Dani Sugiri Copyright (c) 2022 Bahtera Inovasi 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 2 74 79 10.31629/bi.v5i2.3833 Peran Gaya Kepemimpinan Transformasional dan Transaksional dalam Penerapan Strategi Bisnis Masa Pandemi Covid-19: Studi Kasus pada BUMD X <p>The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on organizations. Organizational leaders must have competencies that are ready to face rapid environmental changes. Leaders are required to always be at the forefront and influence their subordinates to keep working optimally even in unexpected situations. As one of the affected organizations, Regional Owned Enterprises (ROE) X is trying to survive. This study discusses the leadership style of BUMD X leaders during the pandemic which involves the implementation of business strategies. The results show that the combination of transactional and transformational leadership styles is carried out by leaders in BUMD X, autocratic leadership styles have a bad effect, and transactional and transformational leadership styles can be applied to business strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the results obtained in this study are expected to be input for academics and business leaders to be applied to various similar and dissimilar organizations.</p> Jajang Ginanjar Bambang Hermanto Pratami Wulan Tresna Copyright (c) 2022 Bahtera Inovasi 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 2 80 88 10.31629/bi.v5i2.3966 Aplikasi Sistem Informasi CRM Berbasis Web <p><em>CRM</em> (<em>Customer Relationship Management</em>) <em>&nbsp;is a way how companies establish sustainable good relationships between companies and customers, communicate with customers, and market to them so as to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. The purpose of this study is to identify the phases in CRM, activities and roles of CRM Information Systems. An understanding of this topic will be a reference in designing and designing an efficient and effective CRM Information System application. CRM Information System has now been developed in the form of a web-based application. This means that the company does not have to buy a server to provide a CRM Information System but can develop it themselves using a CMS (Content Management System) based application. In operational activities, customer data is collected and stored in a database for analysis purposes. The data is then processed and analyzed automatically and in real time into useful information for strategic marketing decisions that are designed according to their respective divisions, be it Sales Force, Customer Service or Marketing.</em></p> Firmansyah Kusasi Bunga Paramita Copyright (c) 2022 Bahtera Inovasi 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 2 89 97 10.31629/bi.v5i2.3898 Systematic Mapping Study: Peran Women Entrepreneurship dalam Networking pada UMKM Pariwisata <p><em>Research on women entrepreneurship has attracted a lot of interest from researchers, besides that, the use of networking and the tourism industry sector is also always associated with women entrepreneurship. So this study aims to map the topics of women entrepreneurship, networking and tourism using the Systematic Mapping Study (SMS) method to help see the development of research. The data search was carried out by using the Scopus database with the final result of 23 articles. Based on the mapping results, it is shown that the most widely used research method for the topic of women entrepreneurship is qualitative, namely 12 (52.17%) articles. The least research focus is development strategy and innovation, so this focus can be a reference for further research. The dominant paper type used is the evaluation research category, which is 12 (52.17%) articles. Furthermore, the publication trend of countries that do a lot of research on this topic is the UK and South Africa, namely 5 (21.74%) articles and the trend of publication from year to year peaks in 2020 with 7 (30.4%) articles. Based on the mapping results, there are still gaps in the topic of this research, so there are still opportunities to produce updates</em></p> Raja Ainaya Alfatiha Margo Purnomo Ratih Purbasari Copyright (c) 2022 Bahtera Inovasi 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 2 98 105 10.31629/bi.v5i2.3932 Pemanfaatan dan Pengembangan Produk UMKM Berbasis Kearifan Lokal guna Meningkatan Pendapatan Masyarakat di Kepulauan Riau <p>Kepulauan Riau is a territory of the State of Indonesia which is located in the golden triangle of the world economy, and is located in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the existence of the Riau Islands Province is very strategic in increasing local potential, especially the economic sector. Culture is an inseparable part of a community group. Culture is also what makes the difference between one community group and another, because the different living habits of people make the resulting culture also different. This culture is also inseparable from the Malay community in the Riau Islands province. Malay culture does not only consist of one type of culture, but Malay culture has a variety of other cultures, including dance, traditional houses, musical instruments, crafts, culinary and others. One of the existing cultures that has been passed down from generation to generation is the craft culture of the Malay community. The examples of crafts from the Malay tribal community are in the form of a Tudung Manto, Tudung Batik, Gasing, Tanjak and many other examples. However, this craft from Malay culture is expected to be able to penetrate the export market through digital export so that it can help increase the income and economy of the people in the Kepulauan Riau. In addition to culture in the form of handicrafts, the province of Riau Islands has other cultures, such as the culinary specialties of the Malay community. Culinary typical of the Kepulauan Riau, such as Otak-Otak, Deram Deram, Ikan Asap, Kue Bangkit, Gonggong and many more. One of the typical culinary delights of the Kepulauan Riau is Otak otak. However, it is rare to find media that exposes and introduces local wisdom of traditional Malay culinary in the Kepulauan Riau. Then, a part from culture in the form of handicrafts and culinary such as otak-otak, a cultur that has been developed by the government and received guidance through existing SMEs centers, too be expected can help increase the income and economy of the people in the Kepulauan Riau. By using descriptive analysis through a scientific approach with data sourced from the facts found in the research. As well as using a questionnaire have the &nbsp;Gform in assisting research</p> Bunga Paramita Fahranisa Azzahra Siti Mayawi Vanesa Copyright (c) 2022 Bahtera Inovasi 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 2 106 144 10.31629/bi.v5i2.4016 Pengaruh Pelatihan, Motivasi Berwirausaha, dan Jiwa Kewirausahaan terhadap Kinerja Usaha pada Pelaku Usaha Industri Kreatif Rotan di Pekanbaru <p><em>This study aims to determine the effect of training, entrepreneurial motives, and entrepreneurial spirit on the performance of business actors in the creative rattan industry in Pekanbaru. The population in this study included rattan business actors in Pekanbaru City who found 40 business actors. Primary data were collected using a questionnaire as an instrument to prove the results of the study, to test the hypothesis in this study using multiple linear regression with the help of the SPSS program. The sampling technique that has been selected is the census method (40 rattan business actors in Pekanbaru).The results showed that: 1) training had a significant effect on business performance of the rattan creative industry in Pekanbaru, 2) entrepreneurial motives had no significant effect on business performance of business actors in the creative rattan industry in Pekanbaru, 3) entrepreneur spirit had a significant effect on business performance of business actors. rattan creative industry in Pekanbaru, 4) training, entrepreneurial motives, and entrepreneurial spirit together have a significant effect on the performance of business actors in the creative rattan industry in Pekanbaru.</em></p> Anugrah Bima Susi Hendriani Yulia Efni Copyright (c) 2022 Bahtera Inovasi 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 2 115 128 10.31629/bi.v5i2.4013 Pengaruh Efisiensi Modal Kerja, Likuiditas, Leverage dan Ukuran Perusahaan Terhadap Profitabilitas Perusahaan (Studi Pada Perusahaan Manufaktur Sektor Makanan dan Minuman Yang Terdaftar Di BEI periode 2012-2015) <p><strong>ABSTRAK </strong>: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji beberapa faktor yang mempengaruhi Profitabilitas Perusahaan yaitu efisiensi modal kerja, likuiditas, leverage dan ukuran perusahaan terhadap profitabilitas perusahan manufaktur di Bursa Efek Indonesia periode 2012 hingga 2015.</p> <p>Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah menggunakan regresi linier berganda. Penelitian ini menggunakan <em>purposive sampling</em> untuk menentukan sampel penelitian, sehingga didapat 9 perusahaan yang memenuhi kriteria. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan untuk model regresi 1 bahwa variabel (1) efisiensi modal kerja (CCC) berpengaruh negative terhadap profitabilitas perusahaan. (2) Likuiditas berpengaruh positif terhadap profitabilitas perusahaan (3) Leverage tidak berpengaruh terhadap profitabilitas perusahaan (4) Ukuran perusahaan tidak berpengaruh terhadap profitabilitas perusahaan. Sedangkan hasil untuk model regresi 2 menunjukkan bahwa variabel (1)efisiensi modal kerja (perputaran piutang) tidak berpengaruh terhadap profitabilitas perusahaan. (2) efisiensi modal kerja (perputaran persediaan) berpengaruh positif terhadap profiabilitas perusahaan. (3) Likuiditas berpengaruh positif terhadap profitabilitas perusahaan. (4) Leverage berpengaruh terhadap profitabilitas perusahaan. (5) Ukuran perusahaan tidak berpengaruh terhadap profitabilitas perusahaan.&nbsp;</p> Kiki Wulandari Copyright (c) 2022 Bahtera Inovasi 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 2 129 138 10.31629/bi.v5i2.4560